The social media campaign that aims to topple leader of ‘Africa’s North Korea’

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki (L) has been in power since 1993.

(CNN)A social media movement created to expose Eritrea’s closed regime is gaining momentum.Driven by young Eritreans living in the United States, UK, and Europe, the ‘yiakl’ campaign, which means enough, is calling for an end to what they say is a repressive regime in their home country.The people in the movement are seeking the ouster of the country’s longtime President Isaias Afwerki and supporters hope it can morph into the type of people-led movement that toppled Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule in Sudan.Modeled on the viral ice-bucket challenge, people involved in the social media campaign are nominating others to take part. But instead of dousing themselves in ice cold water, the Eritreans are instead sharing videos speaking out against the President.Swedish-Eritrean activist Vanessa Tsehaye told CNN: “The #yiakl campaign gathers the frustration amongst Eritreans and shares it with the world in an attempt to mobilize people and put pressure on the Eritrean regime.”View image on Twitter

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